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Sectors and Geographies

Investment Banking and Asset Management

Sectors and Geographies Hero

In our pursuit to redefine the paradigm of institutional financial services, Dalma Capital's global outreach resonates deeply with our vision. As a premier "bulge boutique" investment bank, we're not bound by the limitations of sectoral or geographical norms. Our philosophy lies in empowering our clients and partners, ensuring access to the most efficient sources of capital, wherever they may lie, and at the best possible price. From alternative investments to emerging markets, our commitment remains the same: promoting market efficiency, fostering economic growth, and contributing to a world that is both prosperous and sustainable.

The essence of our core values permeates every deal, every sector, and every geography we operate in. Whether it's the trust and confidence we've cultivated, our unyielding commitment to safeguarding our reputation, or our drive to swiftly and efficiently execute while maintaining a vigilant eye on risk management — we uphold these values consistently and unwaveringly. While our reach is vast, we invite you to delve deeper below, where we spotlight some of the sectors and geographies where our engagement is currently most pronounced, reflecting our adaptability and focus on long-term growth.


Central to Dalma Capital's mission of enhancing market efficiency is our investment in financial technology companies, particularly post the 2022/2023 credit crunch. This crunch spotlighted the unique value of credit-led fintech lenders, as traditional bank credit became scarcer and spreads widened. Our attention is especially drawn towards fintechs operating in emerging and frontier markets with vast populations, where the opportunity for innovation and growth is most palpable.

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Dalma Capital recognizes AI as the beacon of the next major transformative wave, heralding a new industrial revolution for cognitive industries and sparking a renaissance in creativity. We foresee AI driving unparalleled efficiency and productivity. Committed to this vision, Dalma invests fervently in the sector and bolsters its essential infrastructure needs.

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Datacenter & E-commerce Infrastructure

From our headquarters in Dubai, a pivotal vantage point for global investment, Dalma Capital is acutely attuned to the vast opportunities in datacenters and e-commerce infrastructure. Leading the initiative for the region's first logistics REIT and financing cutting-edge datacenter entities, we identify these sectors as integral to our overarching goal of driving market efficiency.

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We ardently champion investment in the for-profit education sector, encompassing K-12 institutions, early learning schools, ed-tech, and lifelong learning infrastructure. Our aim: channel institutional investments to this vital sector, coupling the caliber of bulge bracket bank advice with a tailored understanding of the distinct needs of its founders and owners.

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Natural Resources

As we navigate the third energy transition, many have taken a risky "all or nothing" stance on energy. At Dalma Capital, we recognize the necessity of progressively supporting the pivotal oil, gas, and mining sectors that champion sustainable change and lead in ESG practices. Our commitment is to ensure these sectors have the capital they require, driving a balanced and sustainable energy transition.

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Rooted in our founder's early Bitcoin investment in 2011, Dalma Capital has maintained a strategic commitment to blockchain. Our engagements span hedge fund allocations in 2016, significant participation in the 2nd largest ICO, to advancing security tokenization by 2018. Prioritizing an institutional perspective, we've prudently navigated the sector, recognizing the convergence of traditional and decentralized finance.

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Geographies: Navigating Global Investment Horizons

Dalma Capital stands as a beacon of global investment, steadfast in its dedication to cross-border financing and international investment initiatives. With execution capabilities that extend across six continents, our reach testifies to our global prowess and nuanced grasp of diverse market landscapes.

Central to our vision is the mission to make markets more efficient. Often, this involves directing capital from highly efficient developed markets to emerging markets poised for growth. Yet, our commitment is not unidirectional. Dalma Capital also plays a pivotal role in assisting investors, institutions, and asset owners from emerging markets in expanding their investment horizons, both in developed and other emerging arenas. This dual role positions Dalma Capital as a vital two-way conduit for global capital flows, ensuring that capital doesn't just find its best avenue for growth, but also for meaningful impact.

Our strategic base in Dubai offers more than just a geographical advantage. It provides a unique vantage point in the global investment landscape. The city's distinct timezone, robust connectivity, and stature as a global nexus grant us an unparalleled edge as we navigate the complexities of investment banking, asset management, and advisory roles.

For a visual overview of our global footprint, the map below elucidates Dalma Capital's geographical track record: