Investment Banking

Dalma Capital Investment Banking Solutions

Dalma Capital is a DIFC regulated asset management company and investment banking boutique specializing in alternative strategies, in which we have an inherent edge. 

Blockchain Investment Banking Services

Dalma offers unique investment banking and consultancy services for blockchain companies as well as conventional companies seeking to enhance the liquidity, fractionalization and transparency of their offerings using distributed ledger technology. We specialize in consulting for existing businesses that are seeking to unlock greater efficiency, capture new revenue streams and raise capital utilizing blockchain technology. Dalma can assist clients blockchain companies with the capital raising process for both traditional equity and debt offerings, as well as assist in the tokenization of alternative investment assets such as Real Estate, Private Equity, Hedge Funds and other private placements. We can also run the book and order management systems for these offerings.

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Islamic Investment Banking Services

Shariah Compliant offerings are increasingly attractive as a means of raising capital, as Islamic investors continue to find the market underserved. Specializing in Sukuk offerings, these present an increasingly attractive alternative to raising debt as opposed to bonds and loans. 

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Why our Services are the Superior Choice

Regulatory and Legal

  • Dalma Capital is regulated by the DFSA in Dubai, and have regulatory licensing allowing us to provide investment banking, asset management and fund management services as well as operate an Islamic window. 
  • Dalma operates out of DIFC, a robust international financial services jurisdiction; Our legal and regulatory infrastructure will allow us to operate in this jurisdiction in a way that is compliant with global regulations and best practices

Strategic Investor Relationships:

  • Global network of private investors & contacts allows us to introduce clients to potentials investors, covering Institutional Investors, Family Offices, VCs, HNWIs, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Funds, and Private Equity Funds

One stop Solution:

  • One stop solution is unparalleled in scope, from research, advisory, structuring to fund raising, and backed by an experienced team.

Blockchain Investment Banking and Fund Platform Services

Dalma Capital can assist companies that seek to improve their current business with blockchain technology at all stages of implementation and can assist with all stages of capital raising. Dalma is experienced in structuring and advising on a wide range of different offering types, including token securities and tokenization of real assets, equity offerings, and protocol token offerings. The firm also provides a regulated and licensed asset management platform and infrastructure to traditional and digital asset managers which allows for faster and more efficient fund launches.

Our service offering includes

  • Whitepaper drafting and review
  • Creation and improvement of marketing documents and investor presentations
  • Financial valuations and reports
  • Financial structuring of equity and token raises
  • Organizing and assisting with roadshows
  • Institutional Investor introductions
  • Institutional Investor introductions
  • Token Economics and Supply/Demand Modelling
  • Business model review and consultancy
  • Book running and order management/reconciliation
  • Capital Raising and private placement
  • High level legal overview and consultation
  • Liquidity Management Services

Current Deals

Telegram Open Network - $1.8Bn Raised

  • Dalma Capital was one of 81 investors worldwide in the Telegram Open Network ICO
  • We were participants in Round 1 of the offering

Amaten – Japan’s Largest Secondary Market for Gift Cards

  • We assisted Amaten in the creation of new intellectual property and the creation of a new business model for integrating blockchain technology into their existing enterprise
  • Amaten is building the world’s first decentralized blockchain protocol for gift cards, loyalty points and coupons that will exist as smart contracts on the blockchain
  • Amaten is also upgrading its existing secondary market so that it can integrate with this new blockchain
  • Dalma Capital worked with Amaten during all phases of the creation and implementation of this new business model.
  • Dalma Capital is currently book-running and assisting with a Preferred Equity capital raise for Amaten to further fund the development of the new ecosystem

Meatpacking District NYC Commercial and Retail Real Estate Re-development  – One of the world's first Security Token Offerings

  • Security Token Offering (STO) for exclusive, iconic Real Estate project in one of Manhattan's most exciting district
  • Dalma Capital is working with the issuer during all phases of the creation, structuring, implementation and placement of a Security Token representing equity interests of the offering
  • Tokenization of such an iconic, highly sought-after deal presents an opportunity to not only access a rare real estate opportunity, but also introduces liquidity and reduced barriers to entry to an asset class which is unprecedented

Downtown Dubai  – Security Token Offering of Iconic Future Towers with top Global Brand (brand name and tower to be revealed at upcoming event)

  • Security Token Offering (STO) for arguably Dubai's best undeveloped land parcel with iconic towers
  • Dalma Capital is working with the issuer during all phases of the creation, structuring, implementation and placement of a Security Token representing equity interests of the offering, as well as representing non-fungible tokens which can be used to reserve apartments and provide an attractive alternative to off-plan purchase mitigating the inherent risks and challenges therein