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The word "Neeti" is from Sanskrit and, together with its variants, it means morality, justice, ethical behavior and truth. Fund of funds with a strong value bias. Focused on investing in long only or long/short equity funds with a global focus and without thematic constraints. Most of the underlying fund managers have a significant portion of their personal wealth invested in their own funds. A significant portion of the portfolio manager's net worth is invested in Neeti Fund.

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Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited Neeti Fund Limited

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Why Should You Invest in Neeti?

If you have a substantial net worth (more than USD 100M), you could hire staff to replicate what Neeti does and save yourself double fees (i.e. at underlying fund level and at Neeti level). If not, Neeti is the answer - for the following reasons:

  • Easy access to exceptional managers you won’t find elsewhere - none of Neeti’s underlying funds are on the whitelist of private banks
  • Access to funds which have high minimums
  • Access to funds which are closed to new investors and access to special fee terms
  • Flexibility to invest in small/medium sized funds – large funds have constrained opportunity sets
  • Broad diversification
  • Complete alignment of interests – a substantial portion of Neeti’s Investment Advisor’s wealth is in Neeti. According to Morningstar, over half of the 7,700 mutual funds it analysed had zero personal investment from the investment manager


P.V. Ramanathan

P.V. Ramanathan

Director - Neeti Fund Limited