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Akena Fund

The Fund’s investment objective is to deliver capital appreciation and attractive risk adjusted returns. The Fund seeks to meet this objective by typically allocating the Fund's assets among a variety of asset classes, strategies and instruments not restricted to a particular geography or asset class.

The Fund’s initial target investment markets are India and other countries in South/South-East Asia.

As part of the investment process, the Fund may gain exposure to securities of the Indian capital market, which will constitute the investment portfolios of the Fund through participatory notes (P Notes).

The Fund may invest under the 'Foreign Portfolio Investor' route in India in the future

Attributes of the Fund

Investment Manager Dalma Capital Management Limited
Administrator Apex Fund Services/Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services
Domicile Cayman Islands (Feeder), Mauritius (Master)
Strategy Market Neutral
Asset Class FX (Spot and Forward), Commodity Futures, Index Futures 
Legal Counsel Walkers LLP, Manohar Chowdhry & Associates
Custodian Edelweiss