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About Us

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Dalma Capital

Dalma Capital is a global alternative investment platform and accelerator focused on alpha generating strategies with an inherent edge in emerging investment strategies and markets.

Established in 2011 and headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Dalma Capital’s goal is to identify the next generation of alpha generating ‘edge’ fund managers, strategies and opportunities.

Dalma Capital Management Limited is part of Dalma Group.


AIMgp Accelerator allows portfolio managers to maximise alpha generation with the Alternative Investment Management Global Platform (AIMgp), with a unique three-pillar approach of providing:

  1. Legal, regulatory and compliance infrastructure
  2. Institutional operational and technological infrastructure
  3. Capital introduction and asset raising network

This provides a complete, fully integrated solution for hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and family offices to efficiently launch, manage and grow funds in a cost effective manner.

At Dalma Capital, we believe the key to alpha generation is having an edge. This is the one consistent factor for outperforming managers across asset class, strategy and geographies. We are asset class, region and strategy agnostic and only work with those managers who can demonstrate a durable edge in their market or strategy. We specialize in the management of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Private Debt Funds. 

About AIMgp

Investment Banking

Dalma's Investment Banking desk blends bulge bracket capabilities with boutique, hands-on relationship-oriented services. We prioritize tailored solutions, fostering strong, enduring client relationships to understand and address unique needs effectively. 

Our distinction lies in expertise with niche deals and a wide-reaching network, enabling strategic and precise execution for our clients in the global marketplace. At Dalma Capital, clients aren't just clients—they're essential partners in our collaborative journey toward financial success. 

More Information

Dalma Island in the United Arab Emirates has been a historical centre for pearl diving, the treasure trove of the region. In the 20th century, the UAE has reinvented itself as a global centre of oil production; in the 21st century, it has diversified to become a global center for financial services and a regional powerhouse for investment.

Dalma Capital intends to build on the region’s heritage of unearthing hidden value, by bringing to light a new generation of emerging fund managers interested in exploring the region’s inherent wealth.

Our team


Dalma Capital comes from a pedigree of hedge fund management with over 250 years of combined professional asset management industry experience and represents the next generation of managers with an integrated global infrastructure, cutting edge technology and cost effective solution.

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