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Family Offices: Co-Investment Strategies

AIM Summit Webinar Series

24 November 2020

Speakers: Animesh Saxena and Mark Stoleson

Webinar sponsored by Growmore Group.

Animesh Saxena, Chief Investment Officer of Growmore Group​ and Mark Stoleson, Chief Executive Officer of Legatum Group​ discuss:

  • Co-investment through funds as a way to leverage bandwidth and gain access
  • Structuring investment in start-ups as a partnership
  • The benefits to Investment Manager and Limited Partners
  • Caveats and risks to be managed by Investment Managers
  • Bespoke terms and conditions v/s boilerplate arrangements
  • Cultivating good relationships as a core of successful co-investment strategies
  • Co-investment is key to collaborative philanthropy

This webinar was moderated by Zachary Cefaratti, Founder & CEO at Dalma Capital Management Limited.