The Legal Ventures Litigation Fund is being established to invest in global litigation claims, the enforcement and collection of settlements, judgements, and awards, and lending within the legal industry - seeking >30% net IRR.

Key Facts
REGULATION Domiciled in the DIFC and registered with Dubai Financial Services Authority (the “DFSA”)
TYPE OF FUND Closed-Ended
TARGET FUND SIZE USD 100 Million / USD 150 Million(cap)
FEE STRUCTURE Management Fee: 2% p.a.
Hurdle Rate: 8% IRR with full catch up
Performance Fee: 20%
EXIT STRATEGY Self- liquidating asset, investor payout deal by deal (2-4 yr)
Top-Tier Service Providers
Litigation Fund Top Providers
Top-Tier Service Providers
Litigation Fund Top Providers
Investment Strategy

Maximum Investment

Investments not to exceed USD2-USD3mn each in legal and asset recovery costs, with targeted maximum duration of 3 years legal proceedings

Exclusive Origination

Exclusive origination focused primarily on the GCC and near emerging markets of Africa and India with possible syndication to other funders/partners depending on size of the claim

Global Diversification

Global diversification primarily through co-funding arrangements and Law Firm Partnerships. Investment focus is primarily on direct litigation funding in the US and UK and emerging market near Middle East, Africa and India

Blend of Cases

Blend of single case and portfolio funding. Portfolio funding on behalf of banks, corporates, and law firms

Case Settling Period

Primarily focused on lawsuits and enforcements that have high likelihood of settling within 24 months

Types of Cases

Focus on pre settlement, post award/judgement and legal financing

Value Propostion

Outstanding Returns with Very Low Average Time to Liquidity

Outsized returns

In case of a successful claim, the funder can expect return multiples ranging from 2x-10x invested capital, with deals typically paying out in 1-3 years

Uncorrelated to traditional capital markets

Unlike other asset class such as bonds, stocks or real estate investments that are correlated to market risk, litigation finance considers legal claims as an investment asset that remains non-correlated to economic activity

Moderate median time to liquidity

The average time to liquidity for litigation finance is ~ 24 to 36 months which is relatively less when compared to other asset classes

Current pipeline of investment opportunities

An opportunity for professional investors to earn superior returns with strong existing investment pipeline with cases having high probability of winning

Expertise in collection, asset recovery and enforcement

Excellent track record in global investigations, asset tracing, and complex multi-jurisdictional litigation

Market Edge

Strong market foothold by way of robust association with other funders and strategic partnerships across the globe